Roof Repair and Maintenance in Batavia, NY

Is your roof looking the worse for wear? A reliable roof is one of the most important elements of any structure, whether a home or a business. A healthy roof protects your property from the elements, conserves energy and provides irresistible curb appeal.

Whether you’re dealing with storm damage, missing shingles or faulty flashing, Louis J. Lang & Sons is the name to call. We’re the experts in roofing repair and maintenance, providing fast, affordable, worry-free fixes to protect your property for years to come.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Whether the roof at your home or business has suffered from significant storm damage or regular wear over time, we’re the team to call for reliable, affordable roof repair. We can handle any type of roof repair you can think of, from shingle and flashing replacement to complete tear-off and installation. Just give us a call and we’ll create a plan to solve whatever issue you’re facing, always taking a conservative approach and fixing exactly what needs to be fixed, saving you money while preventing further problems from arising.

Roof Sealing

Looking for the best way to prolong your roof’s lifespan? Roof sealing is an affordable investment that prevents damage from extreme temperatures and other outdoor elements. As experienced roofing contractors, we take a careful, detailed approach when applying sealants. We know that even pinhole-sized openings in the coating are enough to cause leaks and other problems. Our sealants are particularly useful for flat roofs and other roofs that collect water and debris. They’ll provide long-lasting protection and keeping your roof in great shape for years to come.

Protect Your Property With Roof Repairs

Since 1988, Louis J. Lang & Sons has been providing exceptional roof repairs and roof sealing for homes and businesses in the greater Batavia, NY area. From minor leaks to major storm damage, we can fix it all. Call us today at 585-344-1874 to request an estimate.